Saturday, October 16, 2010

Well....Why Not?

Theme of my life right now......say yes to anything you can think of that you never even pictured yourself doing.  Recently, several people have asked me to take pictures for them.  Like, real pictures. The first sweet lady that asked me must have thought I seemed very ungrateful for the compliment/opportunity because I know I looked at her like she had gone mad as soon as the words escaped from her mouth!  But despite my total lack of confidence in my ability I felt nudged to say yes, and eventually did - reluctantly.  This is likely a result of raising funds for our adoption and knowing it would be CRAZY to say no to any opportunity to raise a little extra money.  And the more I thought about it I decided I didn't really have anything to lose by trying...

So when my friend Susan came for a visit this weekend I decided to "practice" on her adorable little guinea pigs.  I have never taken a photography class and my camera is still very much a mystery to me.  I have everything to learn, but here goes....  a sample of today pics.  

Sweet Kat

The guys

The gang

Feeling a little excited, a little inadequate, and actually pleasantly surprised that I seem to have gotten some great pics today!  Ofcourse, I did have some great subjects.  Thanks Susan and kids!

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  1. What?! These are awesome! Oh, and you should tell your sister when you start a new blog. :)